04 Dec 2019

Three important parts: emergency valve, ABS valve and brake air chamber. Most faults come from these three parts.

Emergency valve: the pneumatic components of the vehicle braking system realize emergency braking when the air filling pipeline of the semi-trailer is damaged or it is considered to cut off the air intake, shorten the braking lag time and quickly release the brake, replacing the original brake valve, distribution valve, acceleration valve and quick release valve in the braking system of the semi-trailer.

ABS (anti lock brake system): an electronic control system that monitors and controls vehicle speed during braking, including ABS solenoid valve, ABS harness, ABS probe, gear ring and other components. Cooperate with relay valve to perform service brake function; prevent brake from locking, detect wheel end speed through probe, when the speed drops to 0, feed back the signal to solenoid valve, regulate air pressure of air circuit by solenoid valve, reduce braking force, prevent brake from locking, and increase driving safety factor.

Air brake Chamber: 

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